MNI Bullet Points

Our Bullet Points services offer original, authoritative running commentary on the global fixed income, foreign exchange, and credit markets. MNI’s sophisticated reporting is presented in concise bullet point format, giving you practical, in-depth commentary minute by minute.

MNI offers three comprehensive Bullet Points products.

MNI Fixed Income Bullet Points
MNI’s reporting includes live coverage from Chicago’s futures exchange floors. Features include US Bond Technicals, Euro and US dollar credit supply pipeline, Eurozone/UK bond calendar, Government Bond Focus, US Treasury option volatilities, advisories on upcoming events, and CDS coverage.

MNI Foreign Exchange Bullet Points
MNI provides key information for foreign exchange professionals. Features include FX expectation survey, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, FX options, trading flows, order levels, shifting market sentiment and expectations, and global capital flows.

MNI Credit Bullet Points
MNI’s comprehensive reporting and commentary includes macroeconomic news and analysis on other fixed-income markets that affect credit. Features include Credit Market Focus, Euro Credit Supply Pipeline, US$ Credit Supply Pipeline, US Corporate Bond Chatter, European Corporate Bond Update, US agency spreads, Eurozone/UK Government Bond Calendar, and US Treasury/Agency Auction Calendar.

Coverage includes

  • Instant economic data analysis
  • Global news and economic data calendars
  • Central bank reporting
  • Advisories on upcoming events
  • Economic data review
  • Technical market analysis
  • Fed, ECB, BOE State of Play
  • Monetary and fiscal policy information

The value to you

  • Concise bullet point reporting as the market unfolds
  • Access to major economic data reports and policy makers
  • Helps you anticipate market direction


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