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    MNI Markets team preview UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak's summer economic update on Wednesday and note this is a precurs… days 19 hours ago
    RT @ABartonMacro: Primary Dealer #NFPGuesses RBC 8.0m Natwest 7.2m Citi 5.5m MS 5.285m BNP 4.5m GS 4.25m HSBC 4.0m Scotia 4.0m TD 4.0m SocG… — 1 week 2 days ago
    RT @MNIIndicators: Chicago Biz Barometer special question: "What are your hiring plans for the rest of the year?" #chicagopmi #MNI #chicag… — 1 week 4 days ago
    RT @MNIIndicators: Chicago June Biz Barometer rose to 36.6 from May's 32.3, as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease. #chicagopmi #MNI #chic… — 1 week 4 days ago
    MNI is hosting a webcast panel discussion with Hyun Song Shin - Economic Advisor & Head of Research at the Bank of… weeks 2 days ago
    - The total does not sum to 100% given the potential for the Democrats, or indeed Republicans, to choose a differen… weeks 4 days ago
    MNI's Political Risk analyst notes further shifts in US presidential election betting mkts, with presumptive Democr… weeks 4 days ago
    BOE: There will be an virtual press briefing after the BOE announcement today with any comments embargoed until 14:… weeks 2 days ago
    Some interesting points of note within the latest round of weekly Japanese international security flow data. weeks 2 days ago
    BOE: MNI has confirmation from the BoE press office that this week's MPC decision, Monetary Policy Statement and Mi… weeks 5 days ago
    MNI Markets team summarise FOMC previews from 29 sell-side analysts' research firms in an easy to ready bullet. -… weeks 4 days ago
    Primary Dealer #NFPGuesses RBC -2.2m TD -3.0m MS -3.5m Citi -4.5m SocGen -4.5m UBS -4.7m Natwest -5.0m DB -5.1m Nom… weeks 1 day ago
    MNI's Markets team give a summary of key sell-side analyst views ahead of today's ECB Governing Council meeting. weeks 2 days ago
    MNI published a source-based article on the ECB's upcoming Thursday meeting and its PEPP bond-buying policy. - Sour… weeks 4 days ago
    RT @MNIIndicators: Chicago May Biz Barometer plummeted to 32.3 from April's 35.4, as production and new orders slump on Covid-19. #chicago… — 6 weeks 1 day ago
    BEA explains away that jump in personal income: 'The increase in personal income in April primarily reflected an i… weeks 1 day ago
    Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan told MNI he's more inclined to further monetary supports like yield curve contro… weeks 3 days ago
    RT @MNIIndicators: MNI China Liquidity Condition Index stood at 30.0 in May, edging up from the 14.3 recorded last month but still far belo… — 6 weeks 3 days ago